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          Office of the Registrar

          Phone: (909) 621-8273


          The Registrar’s Office supports the academic mission of Scripps College by preserving the integrity, accuracy, and privacy of all academic records; interpreting academic policies and procedures for members of the Scripps community; and distributing these records effectively and efficiently within applicable policies and regulations.



          Scripps College
          Registrar’s Office
          1030 Columbia Ave. #2028
          Claremont, CA 91711

          Staff Members

          Kelly Hogencamp
          (909) 607-2981

          Casey Arakawa
          Registrar Technical Assistant
          (909) 621-8273

          Marge Kligerman
          Registrar Program Coordinator
          (909) 621-8089

          Laura Purcell
          Assistant Registrar
          (909) 607-0004

          Breann Schmidt
          Records and Registration Specialist
          (909) 621-8273

          Office Location

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